Welcome- My webpage has a lot and it’s only gonna grow, so I’ve compiled a “best of” here for those in hurry.

Simon Smells is a personal project that’s currently running at 9.5 minutes long. I did it all (including the rough musical track) in about a year while working as a boarder for the TV show “Corner Gas Animated.”

Next up is a test I did for a studio in early December 2017. It was totally open, so the character designs etc. are mine.

I’m eagerly awaiting the release of Arctic Justice Thunder Squad so that I can post sequences here. (Oh, and also so I can see the movie!) I was on the story team from 2015- 2016.

Here’s a variety of drawings in slightly different styles that I’ve done over the years. The gallery is sorted from newest first and works backwards chronologically.

Next up here is PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE of the grand variety of things I did when I took a break from animation to pursue a comedy career. Comedy is all about truth and I think the top skill I came away with was insight- into human behaviour, shared experiences and vulnerability.

Feel free to explore the rest of what’s here at amyoffmodel.com. See my current projects, read blog posts and scripts, and check out some live action video from my stage performances. There is some mature content because I was mostly performing for adults. Enjoy!