TL/DR I left animation to do comedy for 10 years and now I’m back.

Contact:  amyoffmodel at gmail dot com

Thanks for coming to visit my off model webpage. It’s unconventional and varied, I think, just like my career! I’m now committed to story for animation but it was a long and experimental path that got me here.

I always knew that boards were the aspect of animation I was most interested in, but after my first industry job (as a traditional paper animator) I wondered: What about the outside? Acting? Singing? Writing? I figured I’d check it out and at the very least, it would all help me tell stories better.

I went back to college and met an amazing community of creative people that value collaboration, risk and individual expression. True starving artists. I got hooked- The stand up, sketch and improv comedy stuff you see here was more than just a hobby. I really wanted it.

I hid my animation skills from my comedy contacts, and vice versa. I wanted each industry to think that they were my one and only while I kept my options open and worked on my skills in both. For this reason, I had my real name, and then my stage name, and 2 separate webpages. Other than feature boarding, which I wasn’t ready to commit to yet, there weren’t too many jobs I came across that valued the wide range of skills.

Finally I landed in the right place and when I did get on to my first feature board job it turns out that it was TRUE! All the skills I’d been working on all this time actually helped me to do a better job! Now I’m working on drawing better and I have some film ideas I want to flesh out. The good news is that I’m legitimately jazzed and despite working in the industry all this time, I’m not jaded at all. I feel like I’m coming in fresh out of school and seeing a gorgeous drawing inspires me more now  than it ever did.

I’ve lived in the same place in Toronto for the past 10 years. When I think back on all the learning and growing I’ve done, and the growth in the amazing people around me, I kind of can’t believe this is the same life. One of the best things I’ve learned is to appreciate others more- Some people have stayed the same but *I’ve* changed to realize they were amazing all along!

Other stuff about me:  I love animals, science and nature and am a vegan in progress. It’s tough because I’m on a learning curve when it comes to cooking in general. I have an eBay store- trying to curate my toy collection but also fun to see that my toy has a way better home somewhere else- sometimes a country I wasn’t even aware of. I learned about exercise at one point and it changed me forever. I like to be clear, honest and vulnerable and like people best who are the same way.