Corral Blue sings, draws and hosts, usually while doing “Corral’s Corral,” her kids show for adults. It’s me- I’m Corral!

The whole thing was a Pee Wee’s Playhouse type concept and I got to do all the fun stuff I wanted to- Puppetry, Costumes, Writing, Songwriting, Set Design… Anything I had time for. I did a lot of experimenting as Corral- Often with drawing in front of a live audience and improv comedy that interacts with technical elements.

In summer 2015 I tried something that’s never been done before- A kid’s show for KIDS!  It was at the Toronto Fringe Festival and here are some great reviews!   Big shout out to my amazing cast Devon Hyland, Angele Morgan, Katherine Landon, Laura Stewart and Kevin Henkel (who also wrote some of the music.) Choreography by Justine Cargo.

Since the Fringe show this project has been on pause but in the far future- like, at least a decade- I plan to do a YouTube series for Corral- once again for adults, with booze and swears!