Feature Sequences

Little Red Riding Hood- Part One. Personal Project 2020

Little Red Riding Hood- Part Two. Personal Project 2020

“Arctic Dogs” Released in Theatres Nov 2019

Arctic Dogs- “The Party”

Above:This Walrus bit didn’t make the final cut but was a cute moment.

He was voiced by John Cleese so picture that as you click through.

Above: Arctic Dogs- “The Battle”
(This is a major revision I did on someone else’s work. It’s about 95% my work!)

“Simon Smells” Personal Project 2017

TV Comedies

I’ve worked on a few TV shows, and was a co- creator of a narrative based game that is still in production.

Whatever the media, my focus is visual comedy!

You can check out my TV portfolio at https://www.amyoffmodel.com/tvcomedy

Please contact me if it’s still locked by password.

Please contact amyoffmodel (at) gmail for further info. Or check out my LinkedIn profile!

And you can always head back to amyoffmodel.com to learn about my live comedy performances, writing and general vibe.