Adult Animation Boards

Corner Gas Animated

An adult animated comedy based on a live action sitcom.

I was on a team of 4 boarders for the first season.

I pulled these out to highlight adult animation- I have over ten years experience as a storyboard artist!

Most recently worked for Walt Disney Animation Studios in Burbank.

I’m currently in Los Angeles (Oct 2023) and studying Writing Lab at The Groundlings.

Please check out my other portfolios!

Feature Story Artist Portfolio

TV Boarding Portfolio


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Some info on this show!

*All of the production was done in-house on Toon Boom Harmony, not intended for overseas

*Instructed to reference both popular Fox Animated prime time shows and the original live action series

*We were encouraged to reuse backgrounds and assets, even to the point of grabbing and labeling hand pose assets

*Each boarder was assigned half a 22 minute episode, with one meeting to compare roughs and make adjustments

*Fast turnover time




Please contact amyoffmodel (at) gmail for further info. Or check out my LinkedIn profile!

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