News and Updates

Hi! Thanks for looking at my webpage.

It’s May 2024 and I’m in Vancouver BC!

I’ve been working as a Senior Story Artist for House of Cool on the feature “Paw Patrol 3” since March ’24. It’s a powerhouse small team and I’m enjoying drawing the pups! In this case the script is more locked than my experience at Disney, where things were more amorphous. I think both ways have their advantages. It’s nice to just focus on the craft of production boards for a while!

I am hoping to get back to LA once things in the industry pick up. In my mind I’ve loosely got an expectation of “a year in Canada and then back down south for a few years” which is why I’m still out west, not back home in Toronto. I’m really grateful that I was able to spend time after my Disney contract end still in LA where I was able to access opportunities specific to that area. In late November 2023 I finished Writing Lab at the Groundlings school after quickly going through the whole program.

Now I’m grateful that there is work here in Canada that I’m able to take advantage of. And the move turned out to be way less stressful than I was anticipating!

Another move- my webpage to a new server! Hopefully that will fix functionality problems though a portfolio update is desperately needed I know!

Please reach out if you have any questions!