Live Comedy

For a good amount of time I put most of my creative energy into comedy performance: Stand Up, Improv and Sketch. I did tons of shows and was in numerous troupes. I had an agent, did commercial auditions and booked the odd TV gig. I was in plays- ones that I had written and ones that people cast me in. I took ALL the courses and taught as well, notably for the Second City Toronto as a school improv instructor.

I have a big box full of MiniDV tapes- I was a footage hoarder but not a footage watcher and def not a footage poster! I was very aggressive about promoting myself when I started but then I became more interested in learning and experimentation. So posting media here will have to be a long term project.

Here are a couple jokes from a set that I did early 2018. I hadn’t performed stand up in years but my friend was starting up a new room and asked me to be on the show:

This one is super old! It still really makes me laugh though!

Also be sure to check out the Corral Blue section for some fun performance vid!

Former Comedy Troupes:

Improv: Second City’s The Bench, Super Lucky Improv, Beat Down Musical Improv, This is the Worst Musical Improv, Charm School Harold Team, Butterfly Collectors Harold Team, Impatient Theatre Company Teams, Bad Dog Theatre Company Harold Team Coach, Infusion Improv

Sketch: Girls Gone Funny (Julia Bruce, Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival) The Assembly (Bob Banks, Makesi Arthur, Julia Hladkowicz, Ken Hall, James Gangl, Aaron Hagey MacKay, Scott Yamamura, Caitlin Mulqueen- Comedy Bar) “Saint Patrick’s Day Massacre” Revue, “Chutes and Corporate Ladders” Musical Revue


Second City Training Centre Toronto, The Annoyance Theatre Chicago, The Groundlings Los Angeles, Bad Dog Theatre, Impatient Theatre Company, Combustion Festival, Equity Showcase Theatre, Humber College Comedy Writing and Performance, Many workshops on topics ranging from dramatic acting, to puppetry to clown.

Key Venues- Stand Up Comedy and More:

The Rivoli, Yuk Yuks, Absolute Comedy, Comedy Bar (In house regular show) The Laugh Resort, Second City John Candy Box Theatre, Clintons, Bettys, Bread and Circus, The Underground Comedy Club, Second City Mainstage Student Shows, Diesel Playhouse, Spirits, Social Capital Theatre

Notable Shows:

Key To Key (Toronto Fringe Festival), Corral Blue Can’t Dance (Toronto Fringe Festival), A Woman of No Importance (Alumnae Theatre), Jerry Springer the Opera (Hart House Theatre),  Beware the Falling Trees (Writer, Resurgence Theatre), Paranormal Witness (SyFy), Love Trap (WTV), Aladdin (I was in 2 Aladdin pantomimes when I was young. It’s the only thing I’ll mention that falls into the highschool category, and I’m mentioning it because 1. I had forgotten that I was in 2 totally separate Aladdin plays and 2. That I was a lowly maiden in the first one but ALADDIN in the second one ha ha.)