Ollie’s Pack- Clickthrough Samples

Sample #1- “History of Portshill” Property of Nelvana/Nickelodeon
Sample #2- “Ollie Doubles Down” Property of Nelvana/Nickelodeon

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It’s easy to accidentally click the navigation bar and have the board jump to the wrong place.

Also if you see a black panel please wait a second for load time!)

Ollie’s Pack- Full Episode PDF Download

Click here or the image below to download

FULL EPISODE PDF of Ollie’s Pack- “Cool Hand Wowski”

Property of Nelvana/Nickelodeon

Card Story

Property Curos Games

Position: Director of Story and Narrative Gameplay

  • Determined parameters/guidelines for playable scenarios, wrote and boarded the entire game- 300+ cards.
  • Designed character personalities, oversaw visual design and even ended up cast as final voice of female character.
  • Worked with feedback and pitches from other creator, Daniel Licht, who owns the property and is taking it forward.
  • Project currently in animation phase at Blue Ant Media and developer stage at Reptoid Games.

Feature Work

I’ve worked on one feature and have also done some personal projects in more of a feature style.

These works can currently be viewed here at Feature Sequences

Corner Gas Animated

Primetime Comedy for Adult Audiences
Property of The Comedy Network/ CTV


Preschool Animated Show

Property of Jim Henson Productions/ CBC

Please contact amyoffmodel (at) gmail for further info. Or check out my LinkedIn profile!

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