Out of all my projects, this one is the biggest. It’s a world I’ve been creating since I was a kid- an epic tale that until now, has been mine alone to enjoy. JUST ME.

Except that this year I discovered comics. Not the grounded comics I was already into (like Skim, my fave)… I started devouring ridiculous superhero comics where anything can happen. I didn’t realize what kind of bizarre stuff people out there were reading. For every part of my story that seemed too cheesy, far fetched, saccharine, morose, sexy, violent… I could find something even more extreme that’s already been done and somehow made it to print. Suddenly my private story that “no one else would ever be into” didn’t seem so silly.

So this summer I started writing all the scenes I’ve been carrying around in my head pretty much my whole life. And tweaking things that for sure could never work outside of my head, and putting postits on the walls to chart out and hammer down exactly what happens when. Lemme tell you something, this is a long story.

I want it to be a graphic novel, but so far it’s just a bunch of Final Draft docs and postit notes. I’ve got a huge learning curve ahead of me, since I’m new to comics, and, though the story is like, part of me, there’s also a very foreign element- it’s not a comedy. I love vulnerability, but vulnerability for laughs! As soon as things get earnest it starts to feel very embarrassing.

So this is a placeholder to help make the project “real.” This whole webpage is like a fridge for me to stick things on and keep track of my projects. I feel like my creative dance card is full for life- no time for any more ideas!