20 Facts About My Bike Accident


  1. My bike accident was well timed because I had finished a contract that day.
  2. My bike accident was badly timed because I had a job interview the next day.
  3. I was biking straight, right of way, no stop sign, and braked to avoid hitting an SUV that tried to turn left into me. I braked hard and went over the handlebars.
  4. The SUV kept going and never slowed. It was black and had a bumper sticker that said “Propane Powered.” That’s all I know.
  5. When I got up from the ground, 2 things disturbed me. One, my arm was dangling at an obvious wrong angle. More disturbing, cars in the lane next to me were driving by pretty fast even though I was just on the ground under a bike and my stuff was spilled all over the road.
  6. I started yelling at the cars, “Stop! I need help! What the fuck is wrong with you?” This was the worst moment of the whole thing and makes me cry to talk about.
  7. 3 people appeared. A lady, an alpha guy and the guy who was behind the SUV and saw the whole thing.
  8. The alpha guy took charge. He said things like “trust me” and called 911 for an ambulance. I said I couldn’t afford an ambulance and not to do that, because I thought it cost $1300. He shushed me. I DID NOT like that.
  9. The alpha guy said if the ambulance cost $1300 he’d take me in his car, and once in the ambulance, me and the paramedics had a good laugh because YA RIGHT I’m gonna get in some rando’s car WITH a broken arm.
  10. The alpha guy was right and the ambulance is like $100 so I’m glad he did that and I thanked him.
  11. The lady snuck $100 in my purse and I feel so bad/thankful about that! Be careful about saying you’re poor because people might take it seriously give you money! (What a dear.)
  12. I had an ominous feeling earlier that day when I decided to bike. I had to psyche myself up to go out.
  13. When I walked into the ER, I saw someone I knew.  I figured I was confused and sat down, but then he said, “hey Amy.” It WAS Corbin, and he was there for the same reason- a bike accident. He hurt his whole side but no broken bones.
  14. I waited from 10 pm to 3 am for my arm to be set. It wasn’t too too painful- I’ve had bad cramps that were worse- but I don’t understand why they don’t have at least an advil checkpoint in the process.  The bone was visibly bumped out.
  15. They give you IV drugs to put you in a “twilight” to set bones. I asked “twilight like what they gave women for childbirth in the 50’s?” and they said “No, this is Propofol.” I said, “Oh, like Micheal Jackson?” and they got weird and walked away which I guess makes sense since MJ died and that’s not too calming for patients. I was calm though. I’m super cool. SUNGLASSES.
  16. Firemen also came to the scene. They took my bike back to their place. No damage to my bike.
  17. I’m usually love blind but I think maybe the cop was into me. He came to my apartment and wanted to chat about his various injuries. He asked if I had anyone to look out for me. I said, “Yes, my brother lives close by.” Yet he still then said, “…husband? …boyfriend?” He gave me his card and it wasn’t one of many from a fresh stack. It was old and creased as if it was his only one and he was keeping it for that one special civilian. Couldn’t decide whether it was adorable or inappropriate so I shooed him out of my house fast. Mildly wondering if I should do anything with this card because he seemed nice.
  18. I have to get surgery on my arm with pins and stuff.
  19. Having fun decorating my cast and posting pics on instagram.
  20. Dunno about money. Insurance? Physio? Ability to work? There’s no one to sue since the driver drove off. All things considered, feeling blessed it wasn’t worse, and that we have free health care in Canada.

Update:  I’ve been informed that there is no left turns allowed at this intersection. There’s even a “no left turns” sign. So the driver was not only in the wrong, they were MANIACALLY in the wrong.

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  1. Ok–I finally found this blog. Good account of what happened but didn’t know about this cop–maybe he did save the card for special you. Glad you worked in some humour here too.
    Hope everything goes well from here on in–rest when you need to and don’t overdo it with lifting etc. with your work hand. 🙂

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