Magic Keychain

I recently went camping by myself and then with a few others- it was a great week and we were staying in the park as long as possible on the last day to avoid being caught in traffic on the way back home.


Algonquin Park.

It had just gotten dark, and we had been turned away from the last attraction that had closed. Time to go home. Suddenly I realized “Oh my god, I put my house keys on the top of the car and left them there!”

The stretch of highway we’d been travelling on was about 40 minutes across and I knew they could have flown off at any point. My best hope was that they fell off immediately and I did remember the hiking trail we were at when I said “Look at my new keychain!”, placing them on top of the car while I looked for something else in my purse.

My bro, in the passenger seat, was dubious. He figured they were just in a backpack pocket and wasn’t worried at all. I’m a bit unique in that I track items very well in my mind. I had *remembered* leaving them on the roof. It’s not that I had noticed them missing. I was booting it back to square one, racing on the highway when I cried out “OH MY GOD I SWEAR THAT’S THEM!” and stopped the car.

I was so excited that I jumped out without a flashlight- and the stretch of road they were on required some careful footwork. I was in the dark and pretty far from the car when I remembered the usual Algonquin worries: Bears, moose… anything bitey. Just when I started thinking I was being silly and dramatic- there they were.

I found them in the dark because my eye saw my ***powerful lucky new crocheted keychain.*** I had JUST made it because I had JUST learned how to crochet while lounging by a fire. I didn’t have a keychain before and thought my test swatch was too cute to just take apart so I’d put it on my keys. This is why earlier, I had said, “How do you like my new keychain?”

As you can see in the photo, they got run over a bit, but I was able to get in my house back in Toronto that night, so I was pretty darn happy.


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