Easter at the Mandarin

My family is lazy and we like food, so we decided to go to The Mandarin for our Easter feast. Originally a Chinese buffet, the Mandarin has grown  over the years to include a variety of fares. The one we went to in Brampton is HUGE.

We arrived to a full parking lot, and expected a long wait. When we entered the lobby, there was a crowd all right- about 10 greeters, all wearing bunny ears and giving us a cheering welcome. No wait! As we waded through tables we passed about 3 servers, who, mid task, also made a point to say “Welcome to Mandarin!!”

What is going on! Our table was a primo corner table in the fish room. This room has a full wall that’s 100% fish tank. It’s big enough that one time a scuba diver jumped in to feed the fish. The other room is the bird room… I can’t describe it well. 95% of my visits are fish room and I have no complaints about that.

On to the food! The tables are as follows:

  1. “Chinese” food- Canadian junk food Chinese food
  2. More hot foods, mostly “Chinese.”
  3. Sushi Bar
  4. Grill bar- Meat grilled to order
  5. Dumpling bar- dumplings to order
  6. A full on dang turkey- with stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy
  7. Salad 1- Mussels, shrimps and cold dishes
  8. Salad 2- I didn’t spend much time at this one.
  9. Soup terminal
  10. Ice creams and toppings
  11. Fresh pressed waffles
  12. Finger desserts- cookies, bars, squares
  13. Pie Central Station
  14. Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake so many cakes and Jello Squares, not to be underestimated.
  15. Bread. What a joke.

Everything was tasty AF. As I made my selections, the welcomes continued. I didn’t mind hearing “Welcome to Mandarin” when I’d already been gorging for 45 minutes. Always nice to feel welcome.

If I didn’t get a welcome, I’d get an “enjoy.” The slightest contact would elicit an “enjoy,” including making eye contact, or passing someone holding plates. I hoped I’d get an “enjoy” whispered right in my ear, and then turn to see a server dissolve into glitter, but alas this did not happen.

After a long while of eating we knew there were some people waiting for tables. I suggested that someone should always have food on their plate so that the bill wouldn’t arrive. Nothing to worry about there! When ready, we sat a short bit with empty plates until our server arrived. “Enjoy some desserts!!” “Oh,” we said, “We already had desserts.” “Done already??” It was clear our server wanted us to STAY and eat MORE and I loved her for it.

Sadly it was time to leave, and I must tell you, some sort of magic was at play because I wasn’t uncomfortably full. I felt just right. The greeting committee was now a goodbye committee and guess what? They were giving out cotton candy! I gobbled some while we looked at the Koi fish pond. Those fishes are getting very big. Big enough that you could pull them out of the water and give them a hug. As big as a cat. I was very happy.

Then the door opened and I was in the stinky parking lot and now I’m back to real life again. My mom gave me some Mini Eggs and thank God for that because to go from Mandarin to Life is a harsh transition indeed. I need every comfort I can get.

Anyways I can’t believe how over the top the Mandarin was today and I give it 6 Kois out of  5 Jello Squares. Mandarin is tops!!

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