I recently started selling on eBay and it’s gotten to the point that I have a store. I’m a “power seller” and a “top seller” and my feedback rating is 100%. It’s easy to achieve- just be normal and not an active low level liar.

I’ve been mini scammed a bunch, always by sellers, never by buyers. Ebay was so disgusted with the last scammer that they gave me my money back and I got to keep the item too. But it wasn’t a big deal item.

It wasn’t like ROCKBAND 2, my biggest scam.

I wanted drums, I wanted the game, I saw Rockband 2 going cheap and so I bit. This was when Rockband 2 was exciting- I was young. I didn’t notice until after I paid that when you scroll way way way way way down the page, in tiny letters, it said “This is just the box- game not included.” One of those.

Ebay gave me my money back and notified the other buyers. Cool. Scammer gets banned, I get my money, all done.

Except 2 weeks later, there’s a ring at my door. The mail carrier was there, completely confused, with a HUGE box, flattened and hand painted blue. They had actually sent me the box! THIS is the part that kills me!

  1. I already had an immediate refund so they didn’t have to send me anything.
  2. If they’re going to be literal, and that’s their defense, they STILL scammed me. I ordered a Rockband box, not a regular cardboard box painted blue.
  3. You went to the trouble to paint it blue but didn’t think to write “Rockband” on it??
  4. It actually would have cost them money to send it- around 16$- just to mess with me? And the mailman? And everyone it touched on it’s journey?

I feel like meth must have been a factor.

I actually used that huge box in my house as a kind of baby gate for my cats. But now that I think of it, that probably wasn’t smart. At worst maybe it had revenge bugs in it, and at best, they probably at least sneezed on it.

Anyways I never got bugs and I got rockband cheap soon after, so it all ended well.

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