This is a boring post about tech workarounds I’ve found. There’s been lots of times where forums led me astray, or the only info I could find was a complaint in an Amazon review- not helpful. So maybe if I record my finds here, Google will help someone else with this info.

Lexmark MB2236adw SMTP Error [72.01]

When you’re setting up the printer, it continually flashes red with the error: “smtp email not setup- see administrator” and the error won’t go away. If the printer’s on, it’s flashing red. When you go to the manual, it says to access *email in the menu options. Then *not all menus have this option. This model does not. (In fact, I don’t think this printer even DOES email. I don’t see any options to SEND one either.) Then it says to put the printer’s IP address in any web browser to access the printer’s settings, including email. However, the IP address is supposed to flash when you turn the unit on. Instead, it flashes the smtp error, so you can’t see the IP address. The suggested backup- going to settings>network>view IP is also not an available menu option. The whole time you’re dicking around with this, that red light is flashing right into your eye.

You can resolve this by resetting factory defaults and going back to square one with the “Mobile Assistant” app. On Android, anyways, the options you need to change are only available when you first set up. There doesn’t seem to be a settings menu in the app. So when you see the word email, click it, and just put the gmail smtp. This should make the flashing light go away. And once the error is gone you can see your IP address which will open up all your settings, including your firmware update. (And a checkbox beside “turn off smtp error notification?”)

Another way is to go to IF you’ve already got it going to update your firmware anyways, like I did. Your device will come up in a chart and the first field is your IP address. However I don’t recommend doing it this way because you have to download a plugin and that made my Chrome screwy for a bit.

The printer/scanner/copier/faxmachine was only $100 CAD and my last -equally cheap- Lexmark laser printer lasted 16 years so if this is all the trouble it gives- fine. But wow if I can save anyone this hassle… I mean YIKES.

I guess Lexmark is kind of all over the place. I had been keeping a netbook running Windows XP just so I could continue using my old (trouble free) printer. I printed scripts, show programs, handbills, drawings… my stars the things I printed. I’m sure I checked for new drivers when I started using 7, and again when I switched to 10- nothing. But today when I was looking for my current model, I saw they had now added a Windows 10 driver for my old printer! What a strange support system.

Change Windows 10 Pro to Windows 10 Home

I used this video

But it didn’t work. Here was what I found (and commented):
“Mine said Enterprise instead of pro in 2 spots. I just followed the video instructions and changed to home and core anyways. When the install came up, it didn’t offer install to home, it offered pro so I quit the setup. Then went back to reverse the reedit changes in case leaving it would cause a problem. I noticed that it had changed back to enterprise in one of the spaces. (Or that I missed it, but I don’t think so.) I changed it again to core, then ran the iso again and this time it offered home setup.”

So basically, try it twice. Then, for reinstalling Windows 10, it’s good to know that you don’t have to reinstall all your apps and start from scratch anymore- or do crazy workarounds to try to avoid it. Just put your installer in and you will be given the option in a prompt: Wipe the drive or just replace Windows? The person helping me didn’t know this so he had me doing a lot of unnecessary steps.

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