I think this run of co-incidences is worth noting.

This Saturday I was in a car with members on my baseball team.

It was the first time I had accepted a ride and the first time I’d really socialized after a game. I was talking to Jackie in the back seat.

We were really bonding fast because we realized we struggle with a LOT of the same ailments, ones that are rare enough that most people don’t understand.

Except that her headaches are made worse by wearing a sleep mask because it digs into her head. Sleep mask makes my headaches better for the same reason.

Then she said “I struggle with wearing a bike helmet because I know it could save my life but it hurts so much.” This is where our commonalities STOPPED but the TRUE co-incidences started.

I said: “IF I biked anymore, I would always wear a helmet, because I was in a pretty serious bike accident.” Then I looked out the window and realized: Of all the places in Toronto to be, we were sitting in traffic RIGHT in the EXACT spot where I had had my accident. I said “Wow! Actually, it was RIGHT THERE!”

Then I heard from the front seat “YEAH! ACCIDENT BUDDY!” Because CORBIN co-incidentally was also in the car, and it’s true, we’re accident buddies.

Because the night of my accident, I was taken by paramedics to Toronto Western Hospital. And in the waiting room was Corbin, also with paramedics, also because he had been in a bike accident that night, also on Bloor street, way farther down the way.

I can’t even remember how I met Corbin. Probably improv- we were Facebook friends. We were like “Hey!” and he looked at my visibly disfigured broken arm- his was broken in the exact same way too! Just kidding! I think his was a leg injury. TBH I didn’t retain that info because I was kinda distracted.

But earlier this year I saw him again for the first time when he joined my baseball team and now I know why it was MY team:

So that on Saturday Sept 7 2019 I’d be in a car talking about my accident at the exact same spot where I’d had my accident in the company of the guy who also had an accident on the same night on the same road. Oh. And we also discussed the details of our accidents for the first time. His too was caused by a driver suddenly turning right into him.

Like I’d say the odds of all that are pretty nuts, right? Corbin noted that if I wasn’t getting out at Bathurst, the car would also be passing his accident spot. Oh. Corbin wasn’t driving. The driver had no idea about these accidents.

And then… out of the blue… some asshole turned right into the car we were in! Just kidding actually our driver turned- Right into a cyclist! Just kidding. That would be truly nuts. And horrible.

Anyways I did get out at Bathurst and baseball is probably over for the season so that’s the end of that. If you’re thinking it means Corbin and I are soulmates or something, move on. If anything Jackie is my soulmate because of the commonalities we share. I’d get into it but you probably wouldn’t understand. JACKIE WOULD.

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